Countdown to Newcastle update!

Hello from Orlando everyone!!

Today is T-minus 44 days till my flight to Newcastle and I could not be happier! But that’s not the reason I am updating y’all! The reason is A NEW VIDEO BLOG IS UP IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!


(Overexcited American here!)

Here is the link and I hope everyone enjoys the video. More will be coming soon as we get closer to day 0!

Off To Grad School: Newcastle Edition
Have a blessed day y’all!!



Visa Dance!


I’m just so happy!! My visa arrived this morning and I could not be happier. I took them less than 10 days to get it in NYC, process it, approve it, and send it back to me!!  I feel like a little kid who was just told that everyday is Christmas or that they are going to Disney right now! I am so thankful to God my Lord who always looks after me. My anxiety didn’t have time to actually start thanks to my mind being worried about my surgery, which was good. The whole process of applying for a visa is pretty easy, however you have to make sure all of the documents are correct and that you send it which enough time. 

Well everyone, I just want to say that a new video should be coming soon with details about accommodation and visa process to study in the UK. So stay on the lookout. On the meantime take a look at my other videos in my YouTube channel!!



*PS: read the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and all I have to say is that I love it and that I can’t wait to see the play. Thank you J.K Rowling!!


Hello everyone!!

I am also doing weekly video blogs in my youtube channel about my lifestyle, beauty tips and reviews, and well as fashion and travel. Click on this link, Ascenett Stefenie’s Vlog, and subscribe! I hope you enjoy it!


Ascenett Stefanie

Top 15 Countries to Visit


First off, I want to say that I love travelling with a passion. My perfect job would be one that I get to travel all day, every day. I can’t stay still in one place for too long as I always want to be learning about new places, new cultures, and of course their history. So, I have decided to make a list of the Top 15 Countries I want to visit (I will later to a post of the Top 15 Cities I want to visit). With out further ado, here they are:

15. Portugal- Okay, so I have already been to Portugal, but I have to go back! Christmas 2016 here I come!!

14. Argentina – I have to go eat there SO BAD!! MEATS!!

13. South Africa – I just want to see the beauty my friends have talked to me about.

12. Egypt – My name is Egyptian (from the bible – Genesis 40-ish) and their history is still so present.

11. Israel – I want to go to Jerusalem and see what I have read all of my life.

10. China – Their History is so enriching and interesting I want to see it all!

9. Russia – I have to go see St. Petersburg and Moscow… ARCHITECTURE FOR LIFE!

8. Brazil – They have such a beautiful culture that I have to go see it and live it for myself!

7. Canada – I have two of my best friends who are Canadians, so I want to go visit them in the Summer before I leave for Newcastle next year.

6. Germany – Another Best friend lives in Cologne, so…. YEAH!

5. Morocco – I really need to go to Fez ( I saw a Brazilian soap opera called O Clone, and I fell in love with everything from the beautiful Arab country!)

4. Italy – Come on, who does not want to go to Italy and see the Roman ruins, Tuscan countryside and renaissance art and architecture!

3. Sweden – Another one of my best friends is from Sweden, and I want to go visit her at Lund University in Malmo.

2. France – Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Nice, Strasburg, etc.

1 . GREECE! -* So, when I first got interested in history it was because I had just finished watching Hercules (Disney Animated version) and I fell in love with the look of ancient Greece. Therefore, when I went to GSU, I was going to study Anthropology and focus on Classic Ancient Mediterranean Archeology. However, I changed my mind several times due to peer pressure (PS: Never give up what you love and are passionate about because others tell you to, it is never worth it at the end), until I finally ended up as a History major. I wanted to concentrate in Ancient History but at the moment they didn’t have any so I went with Early Modern European History and completely fell in love with it!





Quick update…

My last recommendation…

IS IN!!!  Applications will probably will be sent in on Monday as my advisor works again then, but I don’t care because ALL MY DOCUMENTS ARE IN!!!!! I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
Alright, I’m all good now šŸ˜

Also, I decided to apply for a 7th program! This one is a MA in Cultural History from University of Liverpool. It just sounded so interesting that I couldn’t hold myself and had to add it!!
Now I can sleep with a smile on my face!!