Photos of the Past Few Months

Hey y’all! 

Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks. I am planning a blog post as well as. Video, but I got essays giving me a headache at the moment. So, here they are!

Blessed: Jesus Is Lord

Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

Blessed, that is how it feels to know you are following the path The Lord has established for you. August 21st 2016 was the most important day of my life: My baptism and welcome into the Kingdom of God. I will thank God everyday for putting my best friend Lauren in my path during our Disney College Program and bringing me into His Kingdom. #ilovemychurch #oicc #blessed #christian #disciple #blogger #christianblogger #styleblogger #kingdom #baptism #family #bible #community #orlandoblogger #orlando #orlandochurch #friends #bestfriends #proverbs16

Dream Wedding and Changing Colors!

Hello Internet!!!

I am back again here today after a bit of a break. Things at work are changing drastically and I am a mess. Going from one department to another and then waiting on training because everything happened so fast. oh well! What can I do besides wait until September when I take that plane to the UK!!!

Today, I want to talk about the latest video I did (2 weeks ago…SORRY!) about WEDDINGS! I LOVE weddings and everything that has to do with them. From choosing the colors to trying food and making sure the venue is perfect! In the video I talk about how much I want a Royal Wedding including the tiara! Lots of diamonds and no pearls in my wedding. Long mantilla veil is required and I definitely will need a husband with money so that someone can afford the wedding I want LOL! In the video, you will tell how crazy I am about weddings. I have already decided so many things about my wedding, and I don’t even have a boyfriend… that tells you a lot about me. Well, enough writing here is the link to the video. I hope you enjoy the video and tell me all about you dream wedding!

Dream Wedding



Holidays Post

I thought that since it is Christmas Eve, that I would go ahead and write a post about my favorite holiday of all time: CHRISTMAS!!!

The Christmas holidays are seriously my all time favorite. In my family, we get together on Christmas Eve at someone’s house and we all bring different foods (We plan months in advance to make sure everything goes well), we make little plays about the Nativity scene, and open presents at midnight. Family traditions are very important to us, and it is something I miss incredibly. I still remember my aunt wanting to talk on the microphone every Christmas, me never wanting to participate in the plays, and my mom spending every second of the party in the kitchen. I have not spend a holiday with my whole family in 5 years, and next year I won’t have any family with me as I won’t be able to travel back to the US until after my degree. Today, I will be able to spend the holiday with my mom, brother, step-dad, aunt, and uncle; and I could not be happier. Next Christmas I hope to spend it either in Portugal or Sweden, and I can’t wait till I get to experience a European Christmas and compare it with a Puerto Rican one.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy Holidays!!