Golden Globe Red Carpet Review

Welcome back everyone!!!!

Today I am making a special edition of my blog and reviewing the best and not so lucky red carpet looks from this years Golden Globe Awards!

So to start off, here are my top 6 ladies of the evening:

  1. Lady Gaga wearing a black velvet Atelier Versace gown that looked perfect! She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe’s classic looks. Lady Gaga was just WOW!lady-gaga-drupal
  2. Saiorse Ronan wearing a Grecian goddess inspired white gown by Yves Saint Laurent Couture. The simplicity of the dress made it look perfect on her!saorise-ronan-drupal_0
  3. Jennifer Lopez wearing a magnificent marigold Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. She looked so perfect and regal there are just no words.jennifer-lopez-drupal_0.jpg
  4. Laverne Cox looking amazing in a white high neckline Elizabeth Kennedy gown that just made her look like the lady she is!laverne-cox-drupal_1
  5. Jennifer Lawrence wearing a red Dior Haute gown that looked like it was made just for her. The neckline made my evening because of its sparkles!!jennifer-lawrence
  6. And my favorite of the whole night, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and that perfect navy Zuhair Murad Couture gown. She looked like a queen!  She rocked the whole look! I Can I just look like this for a second, please?!jenna-dewan-drupal



Now here are the 3 Not-So-Lucky looks of the evening that I could have done without:

  1. Kate Hudson wearing a two-piece Michael Kors Collection look that does not fit the occasion. Maybe for MTV awards or a award show of the likes, but Golden Globes… Not really a look for a prestigious award show.kate-hudson.jpg
  2. Regina King wearing a Krikor Jabotian embellished gold gown that was just too much embellishment for my personal taste.73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
  3. Last but not least, Jane Fonda wearing Yves Saint Laurent Couture gown that had way too many ruffles in the neckline. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
*All photos and designers were found in the article about best dressed and risk-takers. Photos are not mine!


There you have it! Who were you best dressed celebrities and who took too big of a risk? Comment below! And remember to follow!

Have a great day!!



2 thoughts on “Golden Globe Red Carpet Review

  1. I agree with you! Mostly with Kate Hudson’s outfit. There’s what you said about how it didn’t fit the occasion, but also because with the color of the outfit, her skin tone, and her hair, it made her look washed out. If I were her I would’ve worn red or dark blue.
    But, on the bright side of things, I agree Jenna had the best outfit.
    Your blogs are really great, by the way!


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