Top 15 Countries to Visit


First off, I want to say that I love travelling with a passion. My perfect job would be one that I get to travel all day, every day. I can’t stay still in one place for too long as I always want to be learning about new places, new cultures, and of course their history. So, I have decided to make a list of the Top 15 Countries I want to visit (I will later to a post of the Top 15 Cities I want to visit). With out further ado, here they are:

15. Portugal- Okay, so I have already been to Portugal, but I have to go back! Christmas 2016 here I come!!

14. Argentina – I have to go eat there SO BAD!! MEATS!!

13. South Africa – I just want to see the beauty my friends have talked to me about.

12. Egypt – My name is Egyptian (from the bible – Genesis 40-ish) and their history is still so present.

11. Israel – I want to go to Jerusalem and see what I have read all of my life.

10. China – Their History is so enriching and interesting I want to see it all!

9. Russia – I have to go see St. Petersburg and Moscow… ARCHITECTURE FOR LIFE!

8. Brazil – They have such a beautiful culture that I have to go see it and live it for myself!

7. Canada – I have two of my best friends who are Canadians, so I want to go visit them in the Summer before I leave for Newcastle next year.

6. Germany – Another Best friend lives in Cologne, so…. YEAH!

5. Morocco – I really need to go to Fez ( I saw a Brazilian soap opera called O Clone, and I fell in love with everything from the beautiful Arab country!)

4. Italy – Come on, who does not want to go to Italy and see the Roman ruins, Tuscan countryside and renaissance art and architecture!

3. Sweden – Another one of my best friends is from Sweden, and I want to go visit her at Lund University in Malmo.

2. France – Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Nice, Strasburg, etc.

1 . GREECE! -* So, when I first got interested in history it was because I had just finished watching Hercules (Disney Animated version) and I fell in love with the look of ancient Greece. Therefore, when I went to GSU, I was going to study Anthropology and focus on Classic Ancient Mediterranean Archeology. However, I changed my mind several times due to peer pressure (PS: Never give up what you love and are passionate about because others tell you to, it is never worth it at the end), until I finally ended up as a History major. I wanted to concentrate in Ancient History but at the moment they didn’t have any so I went with Early Modern European History and completely fell in love with it!



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