Study Abroad: Lessons and Regrets

Every time I think about study abroad, I think about what I would have done during my time abroad that I didn’t do. So, I decided to compile a few of things I wish I could have done while abroad, and what I will do to change that in my next adventure abroad in 2016.

  • Enjoy my new hometown

I always feel like I didn’t explore Nottingham enough during my semester there. Yes, I did some exploring, but not enough. I didn’t go to Nottingham Castle ( I know… Strike #1), didn’t go to Sherwood Forest (Strike #2), and didn’t go to any sport or music event in the city (Strike #3 and you are out). If I could, I would go back and tell myself to go out and enjoy a night out with friends, go to a concert, enjoy a football game, and go to the city for more than just shopping.

  • Connected more with my flat mates

I seriously had two of the best flat mates ever, and I feel that I could have connected more with them. Yes, I went to London with them for a weekend (seriously, best and craziest weekend of my life!) and enjoyed some clubs around town with them, but I wish I had hung out with them more often than I did or had gone on more trips with them.

  • Letting Go

This is tided in with #1 and #2. Something that is definitely going to change during my next adventure is letting go and be a little more carefree. I am always worrying about what ifs and trying to make everything perfect. Always overthinking and worrying myself for nothing. During my Masters, I will go out, meet people, stay out late, go to bed early, take spontaneous trips, and enjoy the rest of my 20s, and try not to be so OCD about little things in life. I will be 25 by the time I get to Newcastle, that’s only 5 more years in my 20s and I need to enjoy them completely. I need to let my self enjoy my youth and be carefree for a minute.


Now question for you:

What would you change/improve/done more of regarding your study abroad experience? Comment below!





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