Summer Night

Summer Night

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Botanical Cute

Botanical Cute

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Midnight Midtown

Midnight Midtown

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Lenox Overview

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Fun and Flirty Cyclorama

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Where do I see myself in 5 years?

As I have decided that I am going to start a vlog (video blog), I figured I might as well write here about said vlog. Right now, I am watching Star Wars: A New Hope at work since Saturdays are movie days. And while watching that I want to write a little bit about my topic  for the day: Where do I see myself in 5 years time. Well, I see myself studying, particularly doing my PhD in History. I hope to be in a good relationship with a good man that has some of the same goals as me (Education and family is important to me), a great guy that can make me happy and that I feel is good enough to meet my family. I also envision myself living in the UK or at least Europe. I believe that getting my education in Europe is more beneficial for me as I want to study Early Modern European History. Personally, it makes no sense for me to study European History in the US, when I am going to have to travel a lot during my PhD for research. Plus, it would take longer and be more expensive for me to study in the US than study in the UK or any other European country. And of course it does not hurt that I really enjoy living abroad.

So, that is where I see myself in 5 year: Studying like always. I really do enjoy studying and learning about anything history related.



Holidays Post

I thought that since it is Christmas Eve, that I would go ahead and write a post about my favorite holiday of all time: CHRISTMAS!!!

The Christmas holidays are seriously my all time favorite. In my family, we get together on Christmas Eve at someone’s house and we all bring different foods (We plan months in advance to make sure everything goes well), we make little plays about the Nativity scene, and open presents at midnight. Family traditions are very important to us, and it is something I miss incredibly. I still remember my aunt wanting to talk on the microphone every Christmas, me never wanting to participate in the plays, and my mom spending every second of the party in the kitchen. I have not spend a holiday with my whole family in 5 years, and next year I won’t have any family with me as I won’t be able to travel back to the US until after my degree. Today, I will be able to spend the holiday with my mom, brother, step-dad, aunt, and uncle; and I could not be happier. Next Christmas I hope to spend it either in Portugal or Sweden, and I can’t wait till I get to experience a European Christmas and compare it with a Puerto Rican one.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy Holidays!!



Top 15 Countries to Visit


First off, I want to say that I love travelling with a passion. My perfect job would be one that I get to travel all day, every day. I can’t stay still in one place for too long as I always want to be learning about new places, new cultures, and of course their history. So, I have decided to make a list of the Top 15 Countries I want to visit (I will later to a post of the Top 15 Cities I want to visit). With out further ado, here they are:

15. Portugal- Okay, so I have already been to Portugal, but I have to go back! Christmas 2016 here I come!!

14. Argentina – I have to go eat there SO BAD!! MEATS!!

13. South Africa – I just want to see the beauty my friends have talked to me about.

12. Egypt – My name is Egyptian (from the bible – Genesis 40-ish) and their history is still so present.

11. Israel – I want to go to Jerusalem and see what I have read all of my life.

10. China – Their History is so enriching and interesting I want to see it all!

9. Russia – I have to go see St. Petersburg and Moscow… ARCHITECTURE FOR LIFE!

8. Brazil – They have such a beautiful culture that I have to go see it and live it for myself!

7. Canada – I have two of my best friends who are Canadians, so I want to go visit them in the Summer before I leave for Newcastle next year.

6. Germany – Another Best friend lives in Cologne, so…. YEAH!

5. Morocco – I really need to go to Fez ( I saw a Brazilian soap opera called O Clone, and I fell in love with everything from the beautiful Arab country!)

4. Italy – Come on, who does not want to go to Italy and see the Roman ruins, Tuscan countryside and renaissance art and architecture!

3. Sweden – Another one of my best friends is from Sweden, and I want to go visit her at Lund University in Malmo.

2. France – Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Nice, Strasburg, etc.

1 . GREECE! -* So, when I first got interested in history it was because I had just finished watching Hercules (Disney Animated version) and I fell in love with the look of ancient Greece. Therefore, when I went to GSU, I was going to study Anthropology and focus on Classic Ancient Mediterranean Archeology. However, I changed my mind several times due to peer pressure (PS: Never give up what you love and are passionate about because others tell you to, it is never worth it at the end), until I finally ended up as a History major. I wanted to concentrate in Ancient History but at the moment they didn’t have any so I went with Early Modern European History and completely fell in love with it!



The Struggle of Most Humanities Students

The struggle of most History majors or pretty much any humanities student around the world is getting asked “what are you going to do with your degree?”. I can’t begin to count how many time I have been asked that same question from family members to total strangers that you just met. My first experience with the struggles of being a humanities major was in High School when I was asked what I wanted to study by my counselor and I said “something to do with history or anthropology”, and her face could tell you a story. She was already thinking about another unemployed graduate that wad going to go into retail. Well, kind of. I did go into retail after my bachelor’s degree, but thanks to the skills I learned throughout my degree I got several research and writing skills that many might not have. I might not be a doctor or want to be a lawyer, I do have plans and there are options for me besides being a high school teacher. I want to enter Academia, that has been my dream since I was little. I have talked with my mother about being a “Catedratica” or Emeritus Professor since I was six or seven years old. I understand that that might not ever happen as it is hard and almost near impossible to find a position in Academia, but that’s my goal. However, I have a plan B and plan C. I know I will have to do post-graduate research for a while until I get lucky enough to land a lecturer or even teaching fellow position. But at least I will be happy and doing what I love.

So, why am I ranting about getting asked “what are you doing with that major”, well after getting asked the same question you start to think about your future, and start believing that you won’t do any good in life if I study what I love and that I should be more practical. That happened to me several times. Throughout my undergraduate career, I changed my major about 5 times, and being on a limbo is not funny. And after deciding on History, I almost went for a second bachelors to study management, and settle for a manager job. However, that is not what I want. I want to study, I want to travel, I want to see the world and learn about how those places came to be, I want to dive into the past and understand why things went the way they did and how it affected that place or person’s future.

Now that the rant is over, I just want to say, do what makes you happy, study what makes you feel fulfilled, but also have a plan B or maybe even a plan C as the future is unpredictable in many ways. Love what you do, and do not settle because others say you should.




Away From Home

Today, I want to talk about the moment you realize that you will have to leave your family for a certain period of time and be more than 4,000 miles away from them.

First thing first: I have been away from my family before, but never as far as Newcastle and for a year. It has either been long distance for a short time (5 months in Nottingham) or close enough for a year (My family was in Atlanta while I was in Orlando for a year). Starting September 2016, I will be more than 4,000 miles away from my family for a whole year. During my first study abroad in Nottingham, I did not hit the dreaded depression stage until the last month (Beside one little hiccup on March 19th…my brother’s 18th birthday…it still hurts). That last month I stayed in my room, and my friends had to come in and drag me out of my room because I was missing my family so much. I even left a week earlier than I had planned to because I didn’t want to miss my mother’s birthday.

I decided to write this post because I just realized that I will miss Thanksgiving, Christmas, Three King’s Day, both my mom and brother’s birthday, and  Mother’s Day during my time abroad next year. I am extremely close to my family, and they really are my life. My brother is like a son to me (He has a disability so I feel an even stronger need to protect him everyday), while my mother is both my mom and dad, plus my best friend. It is just the three of us, while the rest of the family and friends are either in Atlanta or Puerto Rico. This time around I believe I will be better prepared for making such a big move like it is to move to Newcastle because I have experience being away from my family before. I will teach my mother how to Skype and how to use iMessage, and I already told my brother he better call me at least once a week. In around 10 months, I will be making the biggest move in my life, and I can’t wait to experience it.