An Eternal Wait

Hello everyone!

So, it is kind of hard to write when all I am doing now is working and waiting to do my taxes in order to file for FAFSA and be able to get the deposit for Newcastle taken care of.

Alright, I should rewind a little…

After accepting my offer for Newcastle University’s MA in European History, I was prompted to pay my deposit of 1,500 pounds as it is required for International students. And as we know I am not well of and I cannot find more than $3000 in a few days so student loans will do. I emailed my ATP advisor and she told me that Newcastle knows this happens to American Students that apply for financial aid, and that I will just have to fill out FAFSA before my acceptance is complete. So, now I just wait until I can do my taxes and then file FAFSA and send Newcastle the information they need. Like I said an eternal wait.

I will try to update more often, but right now I am trying to deal with my wisdom tooth and the pain that is taking over my thoughts. Plus my head is invested on One Direction releasing their album tomorrow so I will probably do a blog about music, movies, and fun trips I hope to do while in Newcastle.



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