Making Choices: Accepting an Offer

Hello everyone!

I thought that waiting to hear back from the different universities was going to be the hardest part of the application process for Grad School… Well I was wrong, the hardest part is choosing a program after all 6 programs you applied to give you offers to study in their universities. I applied to 6 different programs at 4 universities around the UK.

University of Essex: MA History and MA International Relations
Oxford Brookes University: MA International Studies
Newcastle University: MA European Union Studies and MA European History
University of Liverpool: MA History

I got my first offer on October 1st and the last offer on October 13th after sending my applications on September 30th.

Since I started this process, I have been going crazy thinking of which program I would go to if I was given offers to all of them. And I had them narrowed down, but then they both gave me offers.

So, after long talks with my advisor and my mother, I finally accepted a program.

On September 2016, I will be moving to…

Newcastle for a MA in European History!!!

Newcastle University has been my top school from day 1 and I am so happy I got an unconditional offer to study in such a great program!


I am so happy that I will be living my dreams of studying in the UK once again!

Now, I am off to finding money for my studies!

See y’all later!


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