Funding: The life-long struggle

Hello Everyone!

So now that I have been offered positions in 5 different Graduate Programs in the UK, the issue now if finding a way to fund my studies abroad. I know I will be Applying for Federal Loans and some scholarships, but that does not cover the Full $40,000.00 a year that it takes to live and study abroad. So in order to get to my studies, I have decided to open a GoFundMe account asking for funding donations for my studies. I am also working as much as I can every week in order to save up money, but when your rent goes up $300 a month from what you used to pay things get rough. Therefore, I am asking everyone that can spear a couple of dollars to help me get to my goal or raising $10,000 which will cover my housing situation abroad (It cost around 6,000 pound for accommodation only in one of the unis I received an offer).

This link will get you to my account: GoFundMe:Help Ascenett get to her Masters

If you can please done even if it is $1 as any help is great help!



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