Quick update…

My last recommendation…

IS IN!!!  Applications will probably will be sent in on Monday as my advisor works again then, but I don’t care because ALL MY DOCUMENTS ARE IN!!!!! I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
Alright, I’m all good now šŸ˜

Also, I decided to apply for a 7th program! This one is a MA in Cultural History from University of Liverpool. It just sounded so interesting that I couldn’t hold myself and had to add it!!
Now I can sleep with a smile on my face!!


Update on Application Process!!!


So I just received an email from one of my professors saying he just sent in one of my letters of recommendation!!!!! Now I am just waiting on one more letter, and then myĀ applications will be complete!! I am too excited to function!!!

Alright, excitement over šŸ™‚


Throwback Thursday on Wednesday: London

Hello everyone!

I have been busy at work this past week and a bit, so it has taken me longer than expected to post… plus I have been trying to make videos for future TBTs.

So, back while I was in Nottingham during the spring of 2013, I took a little trip to London with my flatmates that was interesting to say the least. Well, I documented that adventure on my study abroad blog back then, and since its TBT I decided to bring the adventure back!!

So on Mach 29, 2013 I wrote:

“This weekend some of my flat mates and building mates went to London from Friday night to Sunday night. Our experience was so crazy that some people would not believe it. It started to the running to the bus station in nottingham to get to London and then one of us buying the wrong ticket and having to change it only 5 minutes before departing. Once in London we meet some of my flat mate’s friends from Vancouver and California and had dinner. It was an okay start to the weekend. On Saturday, we visited Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guards (if you don’t get there early you can’t see anything so plan ahead), saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and went to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. This was all Saturday. On Saturday evening we were going to a club, Fabrik, that was recommended as a great club. We got ready, meet really nice German guys that were staying in our hostel, and then left for our club. The club was the worst one I have ever been to!!!! The worst music, the worst people, and we kinda felt uncomfortable there. Well during this whole day, (and the day before too), Abby (one of my building mates, bought the wrong bus ticket, lost her credit card, feel down the stairs, and lost her phone. I don’t even know what I would have done. Well, going back to Saturday night, we left the club and decided to eat (at 2 in the morning of course) and who do we meet, our new German friends. After yet another horrible cab ride we get to our hostel and some of us stay up talking to the Germans until 3:30am. The next day started looking better. We checked out and decided to take a free tour. What we did not expect was how cold and rainy it was going to be. After 2 hours in the walking tour, we had lunch and went to the national gallery which was free (thank God) and meet a friend of Alessandra’s. He was so nice and took us all the way to Piccadilly Circus. Everything was so beautiful! Later we ate at a Chinese buffet and since we had to take our bus in 3 hours we decided to head back to the hostel to get our stuff. This is where everything gets crazier. So we left our hostel late, an hour before the bus was supposed to leave. We run to the train station, get on the wrong platform, change platforms go to king cross station to change subway to go to Victoria station since the green and circle line were not working. Get on the train and 20 minutes before the bus leaves we are stuck a stop before our station because someone decided to get sick in the train. Well we decided let’s just walk there, but then Virginia says let get in again and the train was already closing the door and what does she do?, she holds open the doors like super woman so that we can get in! After we are all in the speakers come on saying that we cannot do that, and people stare at us the whole ride. We were so embarrassed. Once we are in the Victoria train station we ran to the Victoria coach station which was 8 minutes away and we only had exactly 8 minutes to get there. And what do we do??? We start running thought the streets of London with our luggage! We got to the station in less than 5 minutes!!! And of course Zahra and I had an asthma attack once we got there. But the story doesn’t end there. Once at the station, we think we are at the queue for our bus since one guy is talking to the attendant. Well not really it was 9:57p so we ask someone and she says “what are you waiting for? That’s the bus!” And once again we run to the bus, throw our bags in the luggage area under the bus and run to get in. We were finally in the bus and took off. The bus ride would have been okay if it wasn’t for the horrible stickiness there was. Once we arrived at Nottingham we waited another 30 min for the bus to take us to broadgate and once we are in they tell us that the bus is Ā£3.50 and not Ā£1.75 like we thought. Once we are at broadgate we realise it was snowing. All I had to say was “great, snow”. 

To say the least our trip to London was an experience and one that I will never forget.”
So yeah… that was a crazy weekend, but I had so much fun!!! As for my writing, all I can say is thank you Professor Alex.
Pics from London!

Before the horrible club...
Before the horrible club…
Picadilly Circle
Picadilly Circle
View from the National Gallery
View from the National Gallery

London: Clocks and Phones
London: Clocks and Phones
London at Night
London at Night
Till later!!