What I do

Hi everyone!!

So I decided to do a fun post… kinda… it just about things I like to do besides worrying about if I will get into the programs I am applying to. Let’s Begin!!!!

  1. Photography
    1. I have always like taking pictures of anything, however I like photographing landscapes, animals, and places the most. I think that seeing my grandmother take pictures of me doing anything since I was little that my love for a camera started early. During my semester in England I took over 2,500 photos… on my camera. There are way more on my phone…
      Portmeirion, Wales

      Glendalough, Ireland
  2. Dance
    1. Literally was my life through High School and first two years of college. In High School I was part of the school’s dance team (It technically was a class, but you get it) and was in a dance company outside of school called Dance Arts Centre. BEST DANCE SCHOOL EVER!!! Mr Jeff and Mr Jaime helped me so much with my technique and they really were more than just dance directors, they were family. Then, in college I was part of the Dance Ensemble of GSU where I meet some of my best friends (My quints), was able to choreograph for the performances and held several positions in the executive board (I was costuming and financial chair one year, and the next year I was vice-president
    2. 182044_10150416051990175_597485174_17661440_7408006_n
  3. Zeta Tau Alpha
    1. While it is not a hobby, my sorority was my life since my sophomore year at GSU. ZTA was the best decision I ever made regarding my social life. It became my family, and my home away from home. (Bid Day Fall 2010: That’s me in the 4th row last one to the right with the brown hair)Old Computer 002
  4. Disney
    1. You will figure out very quickly that I love disney… to the point that I actually work for disney. After studying abroad, I got a part-time job at the disney store back home while finishing my last semester in college. Then I applied and got in the Disney College Program (An internship where you work as a front line cast member at either Orlando or Anaheim). I did my DCP for one year and then decided to stay down here in Orlando working for Disney.IMG_4512

This a just a few of the things I love to do (like I said photos, photos and more photos)

What do you like to do? Comment below maybe we have something in common!

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Till Later!


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