Choosing Programs: First Update

Hello everyone!

This past week I have been researching, and researching… and researching programs so that I can choose where I want to go for my MA. So far, I have 7 schools that I am interested in. One in particular has the program of my dreams! The program is in… Newcastle University! The program is a MA in European Union Studies which is perfect for me because of the specialization in the EU. My focus will be in culture and how it affects political decisions taken at the EU level. So far, this is my first choice and if offered I would accept the offer of studies. My other university choices are University of Essex,University of Aberyswyth, Univeristy of Strathclyde, Oxford Brookes University, Nottingham Trent University and Swansea University, all of these for MA in International Relations. 

Now that I have the programs I want to apply, I can finish my personal statements and start getting in contact with former professors of mine for letters of recommendation. I am so thankful for my advisor. She has been helping me through this process, and I am so glad she hasn’t given up on me since I have been delaying the process since Fall 2012… Something always came up, or an emergency happened. Using an educational agency has been super helpful for me even thought I am usually very self sufficient and independent.

Soon, I will update about my progress with the personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Till then,

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