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Hi everyone!!

So I decided to do a fun post… kinda… it just about things I like to do besides worrying about if I will get into the programs I am applying to. Let’s Begin!!!!

  1. Photography
    1. I have always like taking pictures of anything, however I like photographing landscapes, animals, and places the most. I think that seeing my grandmother take pictures of me doing anything since I was little that my love for a camera started early. During my semester in England I took over 2,500 photos… on my camera. There are way more on my phone…
      Portmeirion, Wales

      Glendalough, Ireland
  2. Dance
    1. Literally was my life through High School and first two years of college. In High School I was part of the school’s dance team (It technically was a class, but you get it) and was in a dance company outside of school called Dance Arts Centre. BEST DANCE SCHOOL EVER!!! Mr Jeff and Mr Jaime helped me so much with my technique and they really were more than just dance directors, they were family. Then, in college I was part of the Dance Ensemble of GSU where I meet some of my best friends (My quints), was able to choreograph for the performances and held several positions in the executive board (I was costuming and financial chair one year, and the next year I was vice-president
    2. 182044_10150416051990175_597485174_17661440_7408006_n
  3. Zeta Tau Alpha
    1. While it is not a hobby, my sorority was my life since my sophomore year at GSU. ZTA was the best decision I ever made regarding my social life. It became my family, and my home away from home. (Bid Day Fall 2010: That’s me in the 4th row last one to the right with the brown hair)Old Computer 002
  4. Disney
    1. You will figure out very quickly that I love disney… to the point that I actually work for disney. After studying abroad, I got a part-time job at the disney store back home while finishing my last semester in college. Then I applied and got in the Disney College Program (An internship where you work as a front line cast member at either Orlando or Anaheim). I did my DCP for one year and then decided to stay down here in Orlando working for Disney.IMG_4512

This a just a few of the things I love to do (like I said photos, photos and more photos)

What do you like to do? Comment below maybe we have something in common!

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#TBT: Back to spring of 2013

Hello everyone!!!

Today instead of a picture, my TBT is a little video (JK, its actually 4 minutes long) about my adventures in the UK in honor of the (hopefully) many more adventures I will have in the UK during 2016-2017.

Study Abroad 2013: University of Nottingham

Studying at the University of Nottingham during the spring of 2013 was a dream come true. I had always dreamt of traveling the world, learning about different cultures, and learning new languages. I had the opportunity to do all of these that spring. I travelled to Europe for the first time in my life, learned a bit about all of the countries I visited and even learned some portuguese while in Lisbon, Portugal.

I can not wait until I am able to experience that life again while obtaining a Master’s degree.

I hope you all enjoy the video!

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Let the Waiting Games Begin: Letters of Recommendation edition

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about letter of recommendation or LoRs as I will call them. This is the part of your application process that is out of your hands for the most part.

Alright, so for most postgraduate programs, they will ask for two LoRs, and at least one has to be academic. I got really worried because I have been out of school since December 2013 so it feels like ages ago. I kick myself every time for not keeping up with former professors from my favorite courses. I changed my mind so many times about what to do regarding grad school that my mind did not realize that LoRs are extremely important for entrance to a Master’s program. 

So far I have asked 3 professors for LoRs and one has replied back. Classes start next week at GSU, so I will email the other two professors again next week in case they didn’t get it. On my email, I told them about the classes I took with them, what I have been doing for te past year and a half, and what my goals are regarding the masters and my education. I also sent them a copy of one of my many personal statements so that they got a view of where I am standing on my academic life. 

I am hoping I get the LoRs I need my mid-September so that I can send in my applications to my advisor (I am going through an education agent for this whole process, more info in the next post) so that it can all be sent in and I can hopefully know the results before thanksgiving. I want to be able to apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible and as early as I can so that I don’t have to take out the full amount of loans (more on this later). As you all can tell, this process has become a waiting game since now all I can do is wait. I am hoping I can get going with the process soon, but it really is out of my hands. So, wait we do.

I’m the mean time I will be adding a picture of the day in all of my posts for now on so look out for those!

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Picture of the day

   Me at the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida (Last day of my internship in January 2015)

The Stuggle: Personal Statements

Hello Everyone!

I am super excited to be going through this process as I am in LOVE with the UK. I had the opportunity of studying abroad in the spring of 2013, and it was literally the best experience of my life. I got better academically, met some of my best friends, traveled around Europe…well only Spain, Portugal and Ireland, outside of day trips around the UK and weekend trip to London. Seriously, my writing got SOOOOOO much better while studying abroad. I had one semester left of undergrad when I studied abroad, so on my last semester at GSU my grades were literally the highest of my undergrad career!!

Since we are taking about writing, today I want to talk about Personal Statement, and the process of writing one for postgraduate applications.

Alright, so if you know me well, you know that I can get my English and my Spanish mixed up (PS: I was born in Puerto Rico, so I have taken English and Spanish since forever) and my writing sometimes suffers due to it. Well, thanks to my semester in Nottingham my writing improved once my professor told me that my English was not so good… yeah…I know. So thanks to my worst critic, my English writing got so much better to the point that once back in the US writing felt like a breeze…a thick breeze, but one non the less. So that’s is why writing this Personal Statement has me so panicky. Well, as of right now, I have 5 out of 7 Personal Statements on first draft status. I even sent them to my friends so that they could peer-review them for me.

Right now, I feel as most of the personal statements are very much alike as they are all about the same topic…kind of…International Studies/History/Cultural Studies/International Relations. Oh well! I am hoping that the first drafts are good, and that they need very little work on them.

Now, I am going to finish writing these statements and making sure there is all statements are personalized towards each program and why and want to go to their university. If you have any suggestions regarding how to make a personal statement stand out or if you want to share how did it go in your process, please comment below!!

Also, if there is any topics you might want to me to touch, please also comment below!

Till then!


First ThrowBack Thursday

Hi!! So today, I will be doing a little TBT to my first study abroad. I participated in a student exchange with the Univeristy of Nottingham during the spring of 2013. Seriously, it was the best 6 months ever!! I meet some of my best friends, became a better student (like for real, once I came back from nottingham I had my best semester ever while working and studying full time and having 2 kinda outside activities), and got to explore part of the region in the world that I want to study about!! 

Alright, so here it is TBT #1


This photo was taken at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham (also known as Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises movie) It was taken during my first week in Nottingham (it was right behind Uni of Nottingham so 10 minutes walk, maybe) These girls became my support system in Nottingham and my best friends. Till this day, I still talk to them even though we come from all over (Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Canada+2, and USA) They are the best and I am so happy to still be their friends! (PS: we are missing one girl in the picture!) I can’t wait to reunite with them next year! 

Choosing Programs: First Update

Hello everyone!

This past week I have been researching, and researching… and researching programs so that I can choose where I want to go for my MA. So far, I have 7 schools that I am interested in. One in particular has the program of my dreams! The program is in… Newcastle University! The program is a MA in European Union Studies which is perfect for me because of the specialization in the EU. My focus will be in culture and how it affects political decisions taken at the EU level. So far, this is my first choice and if offered I would accept the offer of studies. My other university choices are University of Essex,University of Aberyswyth, Univeristy of Strathclyde, Oxford Brookes University, Nottingham Trent University and Swansea University, all of these for MA in International Relations. 

Now that I have the programs I want to apply, I can finish my personal statements and start getting in contact with former professors of mine for letters of recommendation. I am so thankful for my advisor. She has been helping me through this process, and I am so glad she hasn’t given up on me since I have been delaying the process since Fall 2012… Something always came up, or an emergency happened. Using an educational agency has been super helpful for me even thought I am usually very self sufficient and independent.

Soon, I will update about my progress with the personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Till then,